What to Expect – The Climb Retreat

What to Expect

Explore The Emerald Isle

Adventure Activities Will Include:

Additional activities could include visiting ancient Celtic and early Christian ruins, castles, bouldering, and more!

This trip is meticulously planned but ultimately under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Any attempt to set a hard itinerary for spiritual adventure invariably proves futile.

Each day is rich with cultural experiences and unique adventures.


Spiritual discipleship topics

We are very passionate about exploring everything Northern Ireland has to offer because we use these adventures as part of our discipleship.

Each spiritual topic we delve into connects with the very activity/location we are enjoying. What better place to discuss what a Biblical church looks like than at the site of the first church in Ireland?

Want a better understanding of the Good Shepherd? Learn from a real shepherd while herding sheep!

When we learn about the war for control of the island we also search the Scriptures regarding spiritual warfare and how it affects our everyday. Want a better understanding of the Good Shepherd? Learn from a real shepherd while herding sheep! Each topic is studied at a location with significance helping the participants to better absorb everything God has for them.


We at The Climb believe people learn in different ways. That’s why the 20+ topics are taught in a variety of styles including audio, video, reading, writing, discussions, practical tasks and more. Upon arrival, each participant receives an iPad to use throughout the retreat to aid in his/her leaning.


Not all topics will be covered during a single retreat. The topics for each retreat will be decided with the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Enjoy Irish hospitality


Groups will be staying at The Glebe house, an old Irish farm house with a large manicured garden used solely to host retreats and evangelistic teams

It is located just outside the seaside town of Newcastle, County Down which sits at the foot of the Mourne Mountains.



All meals are covered in the cost of the retreat.

Breakfasts are self made cold breakfasts with occasional hot items such as eggs or bacon.

Packed lunches are typical as we’ll be touring during lunch hours.

Dinners will consist of a mixture of traditional Irish home cooked dishes and restaurant or fast food.

Limited snacks items are available for free along with the option of purchasing more.


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